Knowledge Management

Why is Knowledge Management important?

Information is one of the most valuable assets to any business and is most useful when it is centralised, developed and assessed.

People and technology hold business knowledge, however it is not always joined up, which makes it difficult to fully maximise the potential.

It is paramount to have processes and procedures to manage knowledge.

Knowledge management will allow your business to understand the emerging risk areas, identify trends and direct resources to tackle problems using the most appropriate course of action.

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Established in December 2012 by Gabriella Re, ReConsilium Limited was formed to offer services to organisations requiring support around knowledge management and intelligence-led approaches.

Both short and long term projects have been delivered to date for Government, Regulatory and Charity organisations.

ReConsilium Services

Whether you wish to implement the National Intelligence Model, adopt some of the best practices to become intelligence-led or just use information in a smarter way - ReConsilium can help.

We can develop processes and procedures to allow you to justify your actions and make the best use of your resources to tackle problem areas.


The National Intelligence Model (NIM) is a business planning model used by organisations seeking to justify activities and set priorities based on threats and risks. The critical factor is to direct resources and achieve the biggest impact on the problems.