Knowledge Solutions


How Can ReConsilium help you?

  • Introduce and embed intelligence-led approaches
  • Develop bespoke processes to meet the needs of your business
  • Maximise the use of your information
  • Collate and analyse information using relevant software to identify trends and patterns
  • Identify emerging threats - unknown hidden problems
  • Inform your strategic plan with information from across the business
  • Identify knowledge gaps and recommend actions in place to address them

ReConsilium Services

  • Business health check
  • Help to understand business threats
  • Develop protocols & procedures
  • Assess and recommend options for information management
  • Stakeholder development to maximise information flow
  • Analytical expertise to interpret your information
  • Intelligence products to set out the clear picture
  • Build Intelligence-led approaches
  • Intelligence Training to develop staff

Custom Solutions

Every business is different and ReConsilium can work with you to develop a bespoke strategy. With over ten years’ experience in the intelligence arena working for a variety of sectors including regulatory bodies, fraud, law enforcement and anti-doping in sport agencies, we can help you to maximise your organisational knowledge.

ReConsilium can tailor a package to meet your business requirements.

Information Management

ReConsilium has expertise in helping organisations identify and manage their knowledge.

ReConsilium can undertake a review of your organisational knowledge and the way in which it is managed.

In consultation with staff, we can identify what sources and types of information you hold and check that these are being used in the most efficient way. Understanding your business knowledge will allow you to streamline processes, free up resources and minimise the risks of data loss.

IT Solutions

Want to check that you are managing your business information in the smartest way?

Information Technology supports staff in day to day activities and when used correctly, can free up resource. It is important that a system adds value to a work area and that staff are suitably trained and appreciate the benefits. Understanding what knowledge your organisation holds and how it is being managed is key to ensuring that the correct IT solutions are in place.

ReConsilium services include scoping products on the market and providing a benefit analysis to allow you to make an informed decision when procuring software.