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Established in December 2012 by Gabriella Re, ReConsilium Limited was formed to offer services to organisations requiring support around knowledge management and intelligence-led approaches. Both short and long term projects have been delivered to date for Government, Regulatory and Charity organisations.

Gabriella Re has over ten years' experience in the intelligence arena working for regulatory bodies, fraud and law enforcement agencies. ReConsilium can bring a wealth of knowledge to assist your business.

ReConsilium focuses on improving organisational knowledge management to provide added value to a business. Knowledge management is about the capital owned by a company. It assists with processes and procedures for storing documents and increases peoples skills and expertise around the sharing and handling of information. Capturing and storing information in a retrivable manner prevents businesses from constantly reinventing the wheel. It ensures that best practice approaches are developed to operate in a smarter, more efficient way.

Flexible solutions for your business needs

Whether you are looking to understand what information your business holds, implement the National Intelligence Model, adopt some of the best practices to become intelligence-led or use information in a smarter way, ReConsilium can help you.

Using information that is joined up and that has been subjected to a process of review, allows businesses to justify actions and make the best use of your resources to tackle problem areas.

It is recognised that every business has different needs - ReConsilium can work with you to develop a bespoke strategy.

Offering bespoke processes to meet the needs of your business, the solutions offered will allow organisations to work smarter and use information to justify activities.

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